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The Soul's Journey

Welcome Dear Hearts to a Heroic Soul Journey!


One of the main reasons I have have created my web site is because I don't want anyone to struggle, be alone or feel overwhelmed like I did when going through the soul awakening process. I now have learned through digging deep and trusting a higher power bigger than myself that I'm not alone on this journey and neither are you. 


I often wonder how my life would have played out If I had the information that I now have. I believe things happen all in divine time and the fact that you are here reading this is proof that divine timing works. Your soul knows when it is ready to do the work and when you are open to see the signs and their significance. Once you listen to the call your whole world begins to change.

What are some of the signs that your soul is speaking to you??? You might see repeating numbers, hear the same song on the radio over and over gain or you even might have a dream like I did that said, "IT'S TIME!" I love the movie, Bruce Almighty because it is the perfect example of how we sometimes think we are alone but the universe is always speaking to us. 

The journey always begins on the inside with listening to the heart. Also don't be surprised if you find yourself questioning your whole existence and everyone in it just like Bruce!!! By the way his girlfriend's name in the move is GRACE! The one thing we always seem to miss in our life is Grace and Compassion. Not just for others but for ourselves. 

Along my journey I learned that everyone and everything is a mirror in your life. The purpose of a mirror is to show you that what you project out is what you get back. So be careful of your thoughts, feelings and especially your words. Everything, and I mean everything has an energy force and life brings to you what you project out.  


The journey IN can be very painful and down right miserable at times but I have to say I've come out stonger, wiser and more

grounded from all my exerpiences. To quote one of my favoirte motivational authors Louise Hay,"If you want to clean a house throughly you have to see the dirt." My soul journey was and sometimes still is full of dirt, grime and disgust but I've managed to get through it all. However, there was times when I found myself sweeping it all under the rug. Many of us struggle and it seems at times that there is no light at the end of the tunnel but I'm here to tell you that the darkness is only your shadow that pushes and even encourages you to seek the light. It is my belief that the darkness is only when we have forgotten to truly listen to our heart and to trust the deep hidden messages that we hold inside. 


It is my intention and mission with the blogs to help inspire, guide and coach you along your soul journey so you don't feel alone and lost like I did so many years ago. I want to help navigate you through your own soul journey by sharing what I have learned and experienced as well as share my unique spiritual gifts. 


The soul's evolution and purpose is an ongoing process but a very rewarding and fulfilling process. No matter how hard the journey is I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel. Always remember, you are never far from the light! 

The light that one seeks is knowledge and understanding and with knowledge comes power. The more you understand all aspects of your soul the better equipped you will be on this soul journey and the faster you will go beyond the simple primal mind and start to become the empowered self guided entity you were born to be. 


I hope to share tips, tools and resources that will help give you the confidence and strength you need to over come any trials and tribulations that keep you in a rut, lost or overwhelmed during your journey.


It's time to expand your consciousness, raise your awareness and be in a place of infinite bliss and wholeness!  Let's get started together and start spreading good vibes so that we are not just surviving but thriving!


It all starts with awareness. Are you ready to step into your unique divine power? Let's level up together one step at a time!



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