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I'm always on the look out for interesting articles and love sharing information about health. Today I came across a person who challenged me to prove that what I do is beneficial and not a "load of crap". Wish I had this article before I opened my mouth and said, "It's clear to me you are not ready for any type of healing for healing comes from the willingness to change perspectives about the way you think, act and feel." I know people are afraid to try new things especially if they know nothing about the subject of holistic healing but to shun others or make others feel inadequate is why so many people are truly in pain. It is easier to be a victim than to stand up and truly do the work in order to heal the deep wounds that one holds inside. I'm still a work in process and try not to judge others but the more people know about the benefits of energy healing the more this world will begin to heal on the inside instead of looking for ways to heal on the outside.

Here is the article:


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