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Healing with Nature

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my sense put in order."

~John Burroughs

Some of my favorite childhood memories was living in Durango Colorado and having the outdoors as my playground. The mountains were my jungle gym. The rocks were the balls I threw. The trees were my forts where I found shelter and the grass was my napping ground. My playmates were not always my siblings. My companions were the bugs buzzing by my ears and the animals scurrying around looking for food. The bugs buzzing around told me to follow them to hidden treasure where I would find the magical sweet scent of nectar among the fields of flowers. The small rodents, snakes and other animals played hide and seek with me and led me all throughout the forest far away from my home. I never once worried about getting lost because I knew an internal compass would always show me the way home.

I often wonder what my life would have been like if I didn't move away from this magical play land but I realized that all throughout my life I was never far from what I loved most.

What I loved most in life is being outside and connecting with the beautiful holy essence of Mother Earth. Her body gave me comfort in knowing that no matter where I moved she was always with me. She had the power to sooth my soul. Her never ending cycles of death and rebirth gave me hope that what ever I was feeling or facing in life would be just a moment in time. I didn't have to worry about my problems. I just had to stop, listen, breathe and enjoy the moment.

When I moved away from Durango it was sometimes hard for me to find mountains to climb upon when I needed a place to view the whole world. I didn't see many mountains in Nebraska nor in ATX but the many hills I climbed made me feel like I could still conquer the world. Somehow the sheer achievement of climbing anything big or small gave me the confidence I needed to feel important. I often missed the smell of pine trees too but have found that the many flowers that line the fields in each state fill my heart with joy. Just the smell of flowers brings me to a state of being fulfilled. Nature never disappoints even on the darkest of days. The sounds, colors and magnitude of things to look at leaves me wanting to experience it all and to never be without it.

Nature to me is my church and where I find God. My spirit comes alive and I feel peace, harmony and freedom when walking and looking at all the beautiful creations that God has made. Everything in nature is perfect. There is a rhythmic coherence of being in the present moment and everything I look at has meaning, purpose and value for being there.

I value most the quiet solitude and stillness that being in nature has. I often feel frustrated when I see another humans out in nature when I'm walking and wanting to be alone. I feel like they are an intruder, a spy of sorts that is watching and analyzing me. They don't understand I am wanting a moment to myself and that their loud conversations are taking away the pure essence of being in nature. I don't ever mind the sometimes loud chatter of birds or the buzzing of bugs but I still don't understand why humans need to talk or listen to their music when out in nature. Nature should be a quiet place where we can reflect and be still within our mind and in our heart. I get angry at those humans who don't value the earth and throw trash or trample their feet all over her. For me, I am outside to connect to earth. I'm not outside to socialize with others or to just soak up the suns rays. I'm outside to give thanks for the air I breathe and for the abundance of trees. I give thanks for the water and stand in flowing streams to cleanse my feet and to cool off. I smell the colorful fragrant flowers and love seeing all different kinds of flowers. The beautiful display of colors feeds my soul with beauty and I don't need humans to interrupt this flow of feelings when I'm out exploring the earth.

I have my secret spots where I go to connect with nature. I love to sit or lay down under a huge tree so I can feel and tune in to the breath and energy of Mother Earth. As I close my eyes I tell her to take away my troubles. I ask her to allow me be renewed and replenished just as the trees, flowers and grass are renewed after a quiet rain fall.

If you listen closely you can hear whispers in the wind through the tree branches when closing your eyes. Listen with the beating of your heart and imagine the leaves fall to the ground. To me falling leaves are a reminder. I am reminded that things don't last forever and to be grateful for the time I have. It's a reminder to make the most of what I have and to not waste time worrying, planning and feeling uneasy about life or relationships. I often forget how important it is to just be alone with myself. Only when I am alone can I truly be myself. I return to a place of loving myself and appreciate how far I've come in life. I value the lessons I've learned and appreciate the people who have been apart of my life. I am reminded that all that come into my life are teachers. Even strangers I pass on the street or in stores are teaching me I'm not alone. I am just like the earth. Growing, learning and rebuilding my life piece by piece. Earth is a playground for us to live out our inner most desires. We are all here to experience life to it's fullest. Nature to me reminds me of this every day. Nature teaches me that I am not alone and that I may be small in the grand scheme of things but I have an important part to play here on earth. When I am alone in nature I sometimes get to hear what part I am playing. I sometimes hear something bigger than myself telling me that home is where the heart is and that heaven is here on earth. I don't have to go searching. All I need is inside of me. The love I seek is in me. The abundance I seek is all around me, the beauty I want to possess is in my heart and the happiness I want to obtain can be achieved by sharing a smile. No matter what is going on in the world around me I know I am surrounded by love, beauty and hope. Just look out your window on days you are feeling down. The sun alone warms your face. This is why being outside is so important. Science proves that the sun emits "happy hormones"called serotonin that is essential to our well being. Let the sun shine in and let the moon and stars remind you that you are never in darkness. Let the earth speak to you by means of sending a shooting star, a thunderstorm or even a butterfly that lands on your arm. Learn to listen to the unspoken language of love.

Unspoken words come flowing in from the earth if you stop and listen.

On days I am really tuned in to the earth I feel conversations between the rocks and flow of water beneath my feet. I feel the water say go with the flow and let your body release the tension. I feel my body release the need to control my life and I surrender to the flow of thoughts and feel comfort in knowing that there is always a way around heavy obstacles.

I also hear the rumbling of the water telling me to let go of the painful memories that I hold in my heart. Sometimes tears start to fall from my face and and I look down to see the droplets of tears join the pool of water. I imagine my tears joining other tears and wonder if the water beneath me is a well of tears from other people who also have come to empty out their heart. I smile and feel lighter knowing that my tears don't belong to me anymore.

My tears are now being recycled and renewed within the water cycle. Just like how water evaporates and falls from the sky so do my tears from my face. I feel better after a good cry and know that somehow, somewhere that my thoughts and my tears are being heard. Some say water holds memory. I hope that even if my tears hold painful memories that the earth somehow carries them up into the sky to be cleansed and released. I believe that heaven sees, feels and knows my tears. Heaven also takes those tears and turns them into hope.

So on a day I need extra reassurance that all is going to be okay heaven sends down a rainbow. My tears and the earth's tears are now all displayed with all the colors of the rainbow! This to me is proof that the earth and the heavens are always communicating with us. We are never alone. We are never without and we are the light that shines in all colors. It's time to shine our light without fear and without judgement. This is why we are here on earth. We are here to co-create with earth. We are here to plant the seeds of tomorrow and watch them bloom. Plant your seeds and be one with all that is.

Thanks Durango for instilling in me the love of nature. I will forever remember what you gave me. You game me a world in which to see beauty, feel love and to appreciate everything upon this earthly plane. My life has truly been enriched and my connection with God has deepened. Thanks to you Mother Earth I can now pass along my love of nature onto my children. Hopefully they too will find themselves forever smiling at your splendor and know they are never far from home.

So my dear souls, go now and be in nature. Find your quiet spot. Listen, breathe and be still. Perhaps you too will find peace and harmony within your soul. Earth is waiting for you to discover who you are and will help you reconnect with your innermost being. Heaven isn't too far away when you listen, feel and see within your heart all the wonderful things God has given us. Discover for yourself the magical healing essence of Mother Earth and trust that heaven is already here!

"It's going to be okay!" "You are surrounded by eternal love and support"~Mother Earth

As above so below~Creator of all that is

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