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Soul Expression Through Music

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

My spiritual journey has lead me down a path of learning that music is medicine for the soul and that everything that exist in life has a vibration. Music carries many forms of vibration. It's no wonder that sound is a tool for raising your vibration and it's no wonder that musicians create beautiful pieces of music that leave an imprint on our soul. My life wouldn't be the same without music.

My soul has always been lifted up by the music I listen to. I'm sure many of you can relate to this too. We have our favorite songs that we play over and over again and even have a song or two that we play when we are angry. I have a special play list for when I just want to scream and let out all the built up frustration I'm carrying. I'm sure you do too! Music is very powerful!

I didn't realize how much music was apart of my life until I started to listen to certain sound mediations with binaural beats. I had no idea how certain music has different affects on your brain. One night while taking a bath I set an intention to find out what to do with my life. I was feeling very lost and depressed and thought perhaps music would relax me enough to calm down my fears so I could think things through. I remember closing my eyes and asking for divine guidance as I listened to the music playing in my ears. As I began to mediate and relax into the luring sounds and beats of the music I began to hear angelic sounding voices in the background singing.

The angelic voices were very faint until I began to repeat back in my head what I was hearing. Almost immediately I began to hear the angelic voices get louder with the rhythmic tones of the instruments. I thought I was hearing things but when I asked certain questions the angelic voices sang back to me very specific answers to my questions. BTW, I've listened to the very same music many times after and haven't heard the angelic voices singing in the background. I was shocked to say the least and yet felt very connected to something bigger than myself. I felt connected to the angelic realm and felt so loved and supported that this experience left me with the feeling of wanting more.

The angelic voices in my meditation told me that music is how I connect with the universe and that my guides will send me messages through music. They also told me that I am made up of pure divine light. Light and sound is my soul is all I kept hearing. The last thing I was told was to wait for the perfect job to arrive. This gave me the comfort and the answers I needed to get through my terrible divorce.

The overall message I received that day was that my soul was a shinning beacon of light and that I just needed to trust and believe that everything was going to be okay. I also learned that music is the language of the universe and how we connect to the higher realms. I feel very grateful now that I was at the right moment in time to hear theses messages. If I didn't pay attention to my intuition like I did back then I would have went down a totally different path.

Since my bath tub incident I've been on a path of self discovery to find out what my special purpose is in life. This path has lead me to discover many different healing modalities. I've learned, practiced and have received: Tuning Fork Therapy, Chakra Alignments, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Theta Healing as well as many other healing modalities. My favorite is Sound Therapy and I feel so blessed to share this therapy with others.

I believe the more we tap into the sounds and vibrations of our energetic body the more we find the answers we need.

I have learned that my goal in life is to find my unique sound (vibration) and to shine my light even in the darkest of times. I am also here to help others find and share their light as well. I'm still learning to trust this process and to listen to that inner voice. The inner voice is the heart and the heart always has a song to sing. I just have to find out what my heart is singing and follow where it leads me. Once I can let go of the negative programing in my brain my heart is able to sing louder and louder. When my heart sings louder I know I'm on the right path.

You too will also feel you are on the right path once you tune in and listen to the sound of your heart. Your soul expression is waiting for you to pick up the dial and listen. Ring, Ring, Ring! That ringing in your ears is a message! It's telling you to stop and be in the moment. Close your eyes, take a breath and listen!

So my advice is to start paying attention to the songs on the radio and listen carefully to the lyrics. It just might be that you too could be getting signs from the universe in the form of music. Listen carefully because it could be that your heart is sending you a message.

I don't believe in coincidences anymore. We are all divinely guided in some way or another. The difference is are you awake enough to hear it? If not turn up the knob on your heart dial. The heart dial can pick up vibrations all around you and lead you in the direction that is in your best interest. The question now is what are you tuning into? Are you listening to your head dial or your heart dial?

I'ld like to leave you with a short music clip of the recent song that inspired me to create my own sound meditation. I hope you enjoy the clip and that it gives you some inspiration.

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