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House Clearing

Clearing Bad Energy From Your Home

  • 1 hour
  • 40 US dollars
  • Home owner

Service Description

If you are experiencing any disruptions in your home it can be due to negative energy construed by a negative event or chain of events. The build-up of negative energy may also cause you to feel tired, stressed, argumentative, unbalanced, or tense. The longer the negative energy lingers in your home the more it can cause blockages of positivity and even increase anxiety, depression or fear. A house clearing is all about pushing out bad energy and finding new ways to bring in good, positive, healing and productive energy. A house cleanse will help you feel lighter and more energized as well as help produce an increase in harmony all throughout your home. I use a variety of techniques when clearing a house. I use dosing rods to determine the flow of energy as well as sage, crystals and sound instruments to help bring in more loving positive energy. I will also make recommendations to help the flow of positive energy remain in the home.

Contact Details


Suit 101 Bottom Floor 8133 Mesa Dr, Austin, TX, USA

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